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Recognized globally for such high-profile properties as PeanutsTeletubbies, Strawberry Shortcake, Caillou, Inspector Gadget, and the acclaimed Degrassi franchise DHX Media Ltd. is a key player internationally in the distribution of entertainment content for families and children. Leveraging a library of more than 13,000 half-hours of content, spread across more than 500 titles, DHX’s distribution arm is a leading provider of content to major broadcasters, streaming platforms, on-demand services, and home entertainment companies worldwide.

Both linear and non-linear rights are managed on a territory-by-territory basis by a team of seven sales executives posted in Toronto, Paris and Beijing. Servicing an international roster of up to 40 unique clients per month, and delivering more than 3,000 digital files per month, DHX’s distribution team takes an integrated approach with both traditional linear and new digital clients. With a Toronto-based support team dedicated to providing the best in client services, digital services and library services, DHX Distribution is a major provider of content to the global market.

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