Follow teens Reese, Geneva, Liam and Mikey as they form the virtual rock band MUDPIT in hopes of achieving their dream of becoming real life rock stars... from their real life hang out, the gaming cafe "Game and Grub", to the animated action-packed CGI world of MUZIKA. MUZIKA is a state of the art game and competition. The teen's images and actions are "scanned" into the game using hi-tech cameras. Their stylized animated avatars battle against other virtual bands for a coveted record deal... while their real life selves engage in the daily comedy and drama of teenage life. Each episode features a rockin' original musical performance by MUDPIT as we follow the band's exhilarating and often hysterical ups and downs in the ranks of MUZIKA. MUDPIT has it all - cutting edge CGI animated, comedy, huge stakes, real emotions, high energy, total wish fulfillment, and most of all, worlds of fun!