Clang Invasion

Producer: DHX Media, Agogo Studios, Scrawl Studios

The world is full of possibilities. Anything can happen. Like an alien spaceship crash landing in your backyard, and getting wedged in a tree, and the aliens are actually robots that think that you are the supreme ruler of Earth.

Cool, eh? Robin and Daisy think so too.

Robin and Daisy Harrison are siblings, who have aliens living in their tree house?that use to be the alien's spaceship. The twins are just like any other siblings. One moment they're laughing together at a shared joke, the next one they're tumbling across the carpet with one of them in a headlock and the other trying to make the other "take it back!" and the next, they're dangling over a vortex in time/space created by a black hole powered hair dryer. But since the day the aliens arrived, they can both agree on at least one thing. The robots are going to stay their secret!

Clang Invasion is a fast-paced, anything-can-happen, roller coaster ride of comedy that has the same attention span as the kids that are in the story. Which is none. I mean, come on, they're ten years old. From Daisy trying to use the aliens to help her kidnap the hunk from her favorite teen show, to convincing the local news reporter that the aliens are just their latest remote control toys, to stopping one of the aliens from activating his latest invention that would turn the world inside out, because like a tootsie roll, the best part should be in the center; keeping the aliens from accidentally destroying the world, each other, and your mother, is going to be the hardest thing they've ever done before. In other words, the Harrison home just got a lot more interesting.